Kooba Show (2011-2013)

Mop Up – Chop House

05 July 2012


On this show…

It’s time to mop up some unfinished business in the form of an audio podcast, coz that’s what we do. This month we have something extra special – some comedy sketches from The Chop House. Listen to this show to hear their great work, interspersed throughout our usual verbiage and tuneiage. The homework this week sees our listeners claiming public buses as their own. Tune in to find out if you got yours.


47th Street Demon Exchange – Dazzle

MJ Hibbett – Stores Of Not To Be

Colour Me Wednesday – Lost on the High Street

Skeletons On Holiday – Night of the Long Knives

¬†Further Reading…

The Chop House podcast >>

Dinosaur Planet Battle of Peterborough video >>



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