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Painted Lady – Malcfest Special

12 Rocktober 2012

The Painted Lady and her companions are here to take your through the highlights of this year's Malcfest, complete with an exclusive live track from our band of the month for Rocktober: Let's Meet Jesus!

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Image: Painted Lady – Malcfest Special

Painted Lady: Kooba Bitch

17 February 2012

The Painted Lady is back in the captain’s chair for this episode in which we bid a fond farewell to the Andy K Show, seamlessly dj from Djevara into Kunt and the Gang, read some homework about flatmates and even find time to plan a baby. Aww. Check out the Stark Dangerous track at the end too. Awesome.

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Image: Painted Lady: Kooba Bitch

Stars In 45 (minutes)

February 2011

The latest Jonny and Alex Show: Recently Jonny and Dave Oh from Kooba TV visited the SFX Weekender in Camber Sands. It was there that Jonny had a chat with 2000AD founders Pat Mills and Bryan Talbot. Hear what they had to say on this very show.

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Image: Stars In 45 (minutes)